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Copper and other Non-ferrous material FORGING Expertise

There are many different copper metalworking processes and each has its own unique effects on raw copper material. It is important when designing your new product or redesigning an existing product that you select the one that best fits your needs.

By selecting different copper alloys and using the different copper forging techniques you can have your copper optimized for many different mechanical properties, including electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, tensile strength, yield strength and fatigue

among others.


Advantages of Copper Forging

Copper forgings also have the ability to function at high operating temperatures‚ higher loads and in increased stress applications and as a result are prevalent today in many industrial processes. The structural reliability achieved by the forging process is unmatched by any other metalworking process.

There are no internal gas pockets or voids in forged material so, unexpected failure under stress or impact is greatly reduced. As such‚ there is a high degree of safety associated to the use of forged copper material. Additionally‚ this structural reliability contributes to faster production rates and lower costs due to reduced inspection requirements‚ uniform response of the copper to heat treatment and the consistent machinability of forged copper.

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